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Announcing: FitBliss Summer 17 Release

Video Announcement of the Summer 17 Release 


FitBliss is leading workplace health & wellness, and re-defining productivity in the workplace. We continue to millennialize our health engagement platform with what matters most to the modern workforce! Checkout our latest release notes to see how we do it.

FitBliss Summer 17 Release:

  1. New Challenges!
    We’ve added 3 more types of team challenges you can create in your instance of FitBliss. Why? Cause Steps are cool, but what about for those who bike ride? Or for those who go to Yoga? Or Meditation? Well, now we have Distance, Activity Minutes, & Floors!
    Create a FitChallenge now with your colleagues by simply clicking on FitChallenges, and pick your teams, team colors, a prize, and you’re on your way!
  2. Rematch!
    Well, after popular demand, we’ve added the Rematch feature to the challenges. Feel like you got the short-end of a completed challenge? No problem! Now you can kick off a rematch with the exact same teams! You can also switch between Challenge types if you want to do a different type of challenge but keep the same teams! Simple, fun, and competitive!
  3. Private Logs!
    We’ve added privacy to your Routine Logs now! Share what you want to share! Now when you create a Routine Log of your workout (FitRoutine) you can simply click on the Lock or Unlock button to get it posted on Chatter!
  4. Announcing the New Personal Dashboard!
    We’ve upgraded your Monthly Personal Dashboard, FitPerformance! FitPerformance is loaded with a whole new experience of seeing your aggregated health & fitness data!
    It will include:
    1. Average Steps & Total Steps
    2. Average Distance & Total Distance
    3. Average Active Minutes & Total Active Minutes
    4. SLEEP (NEW!), Average Sleep vs Optimal 8 Hours
    5. new visual charts of your week/week performance
    6. new visual charts of your month/month performance,
    7. Personalized Leaderboard with just the people you follow,
    8. Tagged colleague leaderboard,
    9. Top mood tracking from your activities,
    10. Top activities you’ve done!
    11. Achievements trophy case now embedded in FitPerformance
  5. BRAND NEW: Sleep Tracking!
    This is an exciting first release of our Sleep Tracking technology! You’ll be able to now see your Average sleep throughout the month in FitPerformance Dashboard. The health standard is 8 hours of sleep daily, so we preset the goal to 8 hours!
  6. Weekly Email Progress Updates
    This is an exciting upgrade to our weekly chatter posts of your progress throughout the week! You’ll now get your own personalized email on your week’s performance.
    You'll get a recap of your week:
    1. Weekly Performance: Steps, Distance, Activity Minutes includes increase/decrease vs prior week
    2. Most Active Day, Top Tagged Colleague, Top Mood Logged
    3. FitBliss Achievements Awarded based on Performance
      Weekly Progress Email_Jun2017.png

  7. Admin Chatter Filtering!
    An exciting new page that adds more control of the chatter posts of the workouts that get posted (both from synced apps & FitBliss workouts), Daily Achievements, and Weekly Updates on Chatter!

  8. Weekly FitTips
    We’re excited to provide employees with new health recommendations. Each tip will cover multiple facets of your lifestyle that will directly impact your health, happiness, and productivity. These FitTips will be populated into a dedicated Chatter Group for employees to join in as they please to get the FitTips they seek. They’ll also have the opportunity to respond to the FitTips to create engagement with the FitTips, share the FitTips with their colleagues on their chatter profile. Access to these FitTips is also available on Salesforce1 mobile app! This is the kick-start of getting more education as part of the FitBliss journey! FitTips is also available in the FitProductivity platform for all Salesforce Customers!
    The categories we’ll be starting with down your journey of living the optimized lifestyle is:
    1. Exercise/Physical Activity
    2. Diet/Nutrition
    3. Sleep
    4. Mindfulness
    5. Stress

Thanks for checking out the Summer 17 FitBliss Release!

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FitBliss is a Salesforce native application, curating health and wellness data, gamifying fitness app & wearables with team challenges and leaderboards, and improving the health & productivity of employees around the world. 

FitBliss is the #1 Corporate Wellness & Health Productivity platform on the Salesforce AppExchange

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