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Building the Best You (And Crushing Your Quota)

Why We’re Launching FitProductivity for Salesforce Today 

Nearly three years ago, we started FitBliss with a passion to prove that healthy and happy workforces are productive workforces. But with around 150 corporate wellness companies focusing on improving health through methods like biometric screening, health risk assessments, and insurance deductions, we knew we were entering a crowded market.

We also knew it was the right move. The average percentage of employee engagement for most corporate wellness programs was less than 5%. Employers were already paying for their employees’ health insurance premiums. Paying for a wellness program that would engage less than 5% of their workforce didn’t just sound taxing. It sounded unsustainable.


Demographic trends were working in our favor. In the U.S., nearly 50% of the working population is composed of Millennials. Your typical 29 year-old needs to see their primary care physician three times a year, including for their annual physical. Yet companies are spending nearly $700 a year per employee on health and wellness benefits.

This investment is great, right? Yes, employers can see returns of up to $6 per $1 spent on health and wellness, equalling around $4,200 in savings per employee. But for many employers, the lack of a clear, tangible, and quantifiable return on investment was leading many to ask, “If a majority of my workforce population is under the age of 35, then why invest in wellness?”


We launched FitBliss because we thought we could answer that question. Our answer was simple: happy and healthy employees are also productive employees. With nearly 70% of the workforce disengaged, employers are currently losing $550 billion annually. Think of the last few times you weren’t engaged at work. I’d say there’s a high probability it had something to do with your well-being, like poor sleep, dehydration, or stress.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. When employees don’t get a good night’s rest, exercise regularly, or eat healthy foods, they’re going to feel unwell. More often than not, they’ll blame this on the easiest target: their job.

Companies are currently spending fortunes on tools to increase productivity, yet none of these tools are addressing the root cause of disengaged employees: their health and wellbeing.


Today, we’re launching FitProductivity to make the connection between health and productivity clear. Now, employees will be able to see how getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy meal, and taking the time to exercise will help them hit their goals and crush their quotas.


Employees are already using wearables like Fitbit and Garmin to track their fitness data. But, so what? People already knew they were sitting too much and not sleeping and exercising enough. What they still don’t know is how it affects their careers. Me-first millennials especially want to know more information about themselves than previous generations. Many, like myself, want to know how to create the optimal version of themselves.

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We’re focusing on sales, service, and marketing teams because their job performance is based strictly on the numbers. And we know we can increase those numbers. For these teams, mood, self-awareness, and confidence are directly correlated to their success. FitProductivity gathers their fitness data and draws clear connections to their productivity levels.


Now John, a junior account executive, will be able to see that he has to exercise for 25 minutes each day and get eight hours of sleep per night to make the sales he needs to hit his quota in Q4.


With FitProductivity, sales reps will be able quantify the relationship between their fitness KPIs and their work KPIs. And they’ll finally be able to answer the question, “How can I achieve the best version of me?” #MindBlown


Now employees can observe the financial impacts of taking the stairs, going to the gym, and getting a full night’s sleep. With our intelligent system, we give recommendations that will help them achieve -- and exceed -- their professional goals.


If you want to hit 125% of your leads quota, we’ll show you the number of steps you’ll need to take to do so. You’ll also be able to see how getting eight hours of sleep enhances your performance. FitProductivity will even send you tips to improve your diet, exercise habits, and sleep quality.


Through machine learning, FitProductivity will help you do what’s best for you, because its recommendations & tips will be based on you (and only you), your habits, and your goals.


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Navid Rastegar
CEO & Founder of FitBliss

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